Port Community System (PCS) at Indian Ports


1. Port Sector

Sea-ports play a vital role in the Exim trade and thereby in the economic development of a country. To become globally competitive, due importance needs to be given for development of infrastructure in general and port sector in particular, as ports play vital role in the overall economic development of the country. In India, more than 90% in terms of volume and 70% in terms of value of foreign trade involve sea leg. Therefore, the ports ought to be efficient and effective to enhance competitive edge of India?s foreign trade. At present, there are 12 Major Ports, six each on the west and the east coast and about 61 operational non-major ports contributing to the maritime trade. These ports are spread along the country?s long coastline of around 7517 Kms on the western and eastern shelves of the mainland and also along the islands.

2. Port Community System (PCS)

Port Community System (PCS) is intended to integrate the electronic flow of trade related document/information and function as the centralized hub for the ports of India and other stakeholders like Shipping Lines/Agents, Surveyors, Stevedores, Banks, Container Freight Stations, Customs House agents, Importers, Exporters, Railways/CONCOR, Government regulatory agencies, etc. for exchanging electronic messages in secure manner.

The main objectives of the PCS are :

  • Develop a centralized web-based application, which act as SINGLE WINDOW, for the port community members/stakeholders to exchange messages
    electronically in secure fashion.
  • Reduce transaction time & cost in port business
  • Achieve paperless regime in port sector
  • Implement an e-commerce portal for port community
  • DATA RESPOSITORY for research and analysis
  • 3. Stakeholders

    The stakeholders of PCS include :

  • Ports
  • Shipping lines/Shipping Agents
  • Customs House Agents/Importer/Exporters
  • Banks
  • Stevedors
  • CONCOR/Railways/Pvt Railways Operators
  • Container Freight Stations
  • Customs, etc
  • Stakeholders

    4. Process and Progress

    The Centralised Port Community web based system has been operationalised for the first phase consisting of 31 messages covering vessel and container related messages among Ports, Shipping Agents, Shipping/Container Lines, Container Freight Station and Customs House Agents. This phase went live on 31/12/2007.

    The second phase covering Transport and Cargo related messages went live on 31/03/2008, Finance (Assessment) related messages went live during March 2009 and e-payments with few Banks has been made live during September 2009. Three additional stakeholders viz CONCOR/Railways/Pvt Rail Operators, Stevedores and Banks are covered in it.

    The third phase consists of around 50 messages covering Customs and other regulatory agencies(i.e MMD, PHO) have already been developed. Testing of MMD and PHO related messages have been completed and will be made live shortly. Messages with customs are being exchanged in decentralized manner electronically. However, custom here related messages will be exchanged in centralized environment after testing with customs.

    The system is capable of accepting messages in various formats including EDIFACT, XML, etc. List of messages are annex at Annexure-I.

    PCS is a comprehensive, highly secure extensible and scalable solution that meets the requirements of the trade community, Ports, Banks and Government Agencies and seamlessly integrates them over the internet coordinating all the activities in and around Port and beyond.

    Primary outcome of the PCS is to achieve excellent level of enterprise integration for different players across different ports, thereby increasing the business value for all the players in the Port Community.

    5. Benefits

  • Single Windows System
  • Common Information to Multiple Agencies
  • Standardization of Information exchanged
  • Convenience 24X7 submission
  • Timely Alert during exception on e-mail
  • On-line request and payment for services
  • Management Information System for reporting
  • 6. Conclusion

    To summarize, the implementation of PCS in India transforms Indian Ports from antiquated Ports to modern Ports by bringing in a paperless regime. It minimises transaction time and cost to Indian export-import trade. Contribution of PCS to Indian trade, though not quantifiable in exact terms, will definitely herald new chapter in India by way of e-trade. However, it is expected to reduce a transaction cost at ports and empowered Indian Ports to join the premiere league of international technology advanced e-ports.


    7. Credentials:

    Production URL : www.indianpcs.gov.in

    Help Desk Services (24x7) for PCS : 1800-11-5055 (Toll Free Number)

    Project Chief : Shri A Janardhana Rao, Managing Director, IPA

    Project Manager : Shri Rajeev Puri, Deputy Director(EDP), IPA

    SL NO Message ID Messages / Functionality Message Formats
    (PCS supports)
    1 VESPRO Vessel Profile XML, TXT
    2 CALINF Voyage Registration XML, TXT
    3 CALINV VCN Allocation XML, TXT
    4 PAXLST Crew /Passenger List XML, TXT
    5 BERMAN Berthing Application XML, TXT
    6 BERALT Berth Allocation XML, TXT
    7 IFTDGN Hazardous Cargo XML, TXT
    8 DGNACK DGN Acknowledgement XML, TXT
    9 UNBERT Reberthing XML, TXT
    10 RESREQ Resource Requisition XML, TXT
    11 ALORES Resource Allocation XML, TXT
    12 STOPLN Stowage plan XML, TXT
    13 TPFREP Terminal performance Report XML, TXT
    14 MOVINS Stowage Instruction XML, TXT
    16 VESDEP Vessel movement XML, TXT
    17 PLTMEM Pilot Memo XML, TXT
    18 ACKPLM Pilot Memo Acknowledgement XML, TXT
    19 PAISPS Pre Arrival Notification XML, TXT
    21 GOCOFR Gate Open Report XML, TXT
    22 COPARN Empty Container Release Order XML, TXT
    23 COEDOR Container Stock Report XML, TXT
    24 EICREP Equipment Interchange Report XML, TXT
    27 COAHOR Container Spl Handling Order XML, TXT
    28 COSTOR Container Stuffing XML, TXT
    29 COPRAR Container Loading and discharge Order / Adv. Container List XML, TXT
    30 COSTCO Container Stuffing / De-stuffing report XML, TXT
    31 CARREQ Carting Request XML, TXT
    32 CARCFN Carting Permission XML, TXT
    33 CODECO Container/Cargo Gate-in Gate-Out Report XML, TXT
    34 PDABAL PD Account Balance Details XML, TXT
    35 PAYORD Pay Order XML, TXT
    36 DLYSUM Daily Transaction Summary XML, TXT
    37 REQVAC Assessment of Charges - Vessel XML, TXT
    38 REQCAC Assessment of Charges - Cargo XML, TXT
    39 REQCTC Assessment of Charges - Container XML, TXT
    40 REQCOC Assessment of Charges - Containerised Cargo XML, TXT
    41 REQSAC Assessment of Charges - Stevedoring XML, TXT
    42 CNFASC Confirmation of Advance Assessment Charges XML, TXT
    43 INVOIC Invoice XML, TXT
    44 REFORD Refund Order XML, TXT
    45 PAYSTS Payment Status XML, TXT
    46 RAILRE Rail Receipt XML, TXT
    47 RMLMEM Removal Memo from Rack XML, TXT
    48 COPINO Inland Way Bill XML, TXT
    49 CONTPE Pendency of Container XML, TXT
    50 RAILSC Train Schedule XML, TXT
    51 RLOENT Application for Log Entry XML, TXT
    52 GLOENT Log Entry Permission XML, TXT
    53 MATREC Mate Receipt XML, TXT
    54 AGDORD Bill of Lading/Agent Delivery Order XML, TXT
    55 STPCGO Stowage Plan for Cargo (New Message) XML, TXT
    Regulatory Messages
    56 MMDINP MMD Inspection Report XML, TXT
    57 MMDVDO MMD Vessel Detention Order XML, TXT
    58 MMDVRO MMD Vessel Release Order XML, TXT
    59 REQFPQ Request for Free Pratique XML, TXT
    60 FREPRQ Free Pratique Permission XML, TXT
    61 HLTDLR Health Declaration for Sail Out XML, TXT
    62 INSCER Health Inspection Certificate XML, TXT
    63 CHSAI01A IGM Acknowledgement XML, TXT
    64 CHSAI02 Grant of Entry Inward XML, TXT
    65 CHPOI03 IGM on INW ? Vessel Details, Cargo, Container XML, TXT
    66 CHPOI05 Cancellation of IGM No. XML, TXT
    67 CHPOI06A Landing/Tally Report Acknowledgement XML, TXT
    68 CHPOI07A Excess Landed Cargo Acknowledgement XML, TXT
    69 CHPOI08A Location of Cargo- Acknowledgement XML, TXT
    70 CHPOI09 BE On Submission Master, Container , Items XML, TXT
    71 CHPOI10 BE on Out of Charge Master , Container, Items XML, TXT
    72 CHPOI11 ACP status of the importer XML, TXT
    73 CHPOI13 Transshipment Permit XML, TXT
    74 CHSAI15 Cargo Movement Approval XML, TXT
    75 CHPOI31 Detention/Release Order XML, TXT
    76 CHPOI33 Disposal Order XML, TXT
    77 CHCMI02 Consol Manifest XML, TXT
    78 CHSAE01A Application for Rotation No. Acknowledgement XML, TXT
    79 CHSAE02 Allotment of Rotation No XML, TXT
    80 CHSAE04 Cancellation of Rotation No XML, TXT
    81 CHPOE05 Shipping Bill Details Master, Items XML, TXT
    82 CHPOE06A Entry of goods Acknowledgement XML, TXT
    83 CHPOE07 LEO (Let Export Order) XML, TXT
    84 CHPOE08 Stuffing Report XML, TXT
    85 CHPOE09 Details of Shutout Cargo XML, TXT
    86 CHPOE11 Grant of Entry Outwards XML, TXT
    87 CHSAE13 Grant of Port Clearance XML, TXT
    88 CHSAE15A EGM Acknowledgement XML, TXT
    89 POCHI06 Landing/Tally Report XML, TXT
    90 POCHI16 Gate Pass XML, TXT
    91 CFCHI17 Container arrival at CFS XML, TXT
    92 POCHI32 Disposal Request XML, TXT
    93 POCHI34 Cargo disposal particulars XML, TXT
    94 POCHE06 Entry of Goods into Port XML, TXT
    95 POCHI07 Excess Landed Cargo XML, TXT
    96 POCHI08 Location of Cargo XML, TXT
    97 POCHE14 Vessel Sailing Report XML, TXT
    98 POCHE17 Consignment arrival at Port XML, TXT